Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring Break

The girls' preschool has been closed all week for spring break and we have been having an amazing time! We have been so busy every day with play dates and activities all day. I am so happy that the rain let up just in time and we have been enjoying gorgeous weather all week.

On Monday we met up with some friends from school at a skate park. I wasn't sure if the girls would like this, but you never know until you try. They rode their scooters all over that place and since we went in the morning, we were the only people there. Right next to the skate park was a regular playground, so we went over there to play next. After all that playing we came home and ended up going over to our neighbors house until dinner time!

Tuesday, we went up to the farm to visit our horse. At first the girls whined like crazy about not wanted to go with me, but once we were there they didn't want to leave. They fed the chickens and Ella went crazy over a very friendly barn cat that she found. That afternoon we had our last swim lesson of the session. The girls did great and got a certificate at the end. Payton is moving into Beginner 2 for the next session. I'm so proud of my little swimmer!

The next day we enjoyed a relaxing morning at home and then another neighbor came over to play at our house all afternoon. The girls decided they wanted to try out our pool even though it is freezing and not really ready for summer yet. One thing I'm happy to discover is that the girls no longer protest so enthusiastically about putting on sunscreen, which is a very nice change.

Yesterday we met some more friends at a really cute park called Children's Wonderland. It is gated and huge! In the sand area there is a button to turn on water and make a little river. The girls thoroughly enjoyed that! Ella's pants were soaked, but it was such a nice day that they dried completely before we left. We had dance in the afternoon. I was a little worried because they played so hard all morning, but Payton did excellent and Ella made it through with a little bribery of a treat from the vending machine at the end of class.

We're planning on some more adventures this afternoon and I am bringing my camera for sure!

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