Monday, April 18, 2011

Payton's Birthday Party

Payton had a My Little Pony themed party. She invited her whole class, a few additional friends, and lots of family member. I was a little stressed when the RSVPs started pouring in. Almost every single person came! She was beyond excited for this party. From the day we sent out the invitations she was counting down the days until her party.

We rented a bounce house for the backyard and luckily the weather was beautiful, so most of the party was held outside. Everything pretty much ran smoothly. I did forget to buy candles and realized it a little while before cake time. My neighbor tried to find some for me and ended up bringing a "4" candle. I would never have lived that one down. Thankfully, my mom ran out and got a more appropriate "5." The party was definitely a success and Payton was absolutely thrilled!

A pre-party kiss for my birthday girl!

Payton and her Pinkie Pie Pinata.

Jump and Slide!

Pulling the strings on the pinata. At least we didn't try to break it open the old fashioned way with this many kids. 

Now that's a pile of presents.

Rainbow Dash cake.

Our attempt at a family picture before we light the candle.

Last but not least, a frosting licking little sister!

My Dad is our official event photographer. I always feel bad, but I really never have time to take my own pictures when I'm running around hosting a party. Lots of his other photography and my Mom's work can be found at their website

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  1. Oh! She is beautiful! Happy birthday to her! I am also looking for an event venue where I can get the bounce house fixed for the kids. I love my daughter a lot and she is crazy about bounce house. It was wonderful going through this post.