Saturday, September 10, 2011

Look Whooo's in Kindergarten

Lots of excited thing have been happening in our family. For one, we moved and are settling in to a new house and after almost a month, we finally have Internet access. YAY! In addition, both Payton and Ella started school. Ella is back for her final year at her wonderful preschool and Payton started kindergarten.

It was a seriously crazy first week of school because Payton was initially assigned to an afternoon class. I felt like I spent those entire five days in the car between pick-ups and drop-offs for the two girls who had opposite schedules. Thank goodness a spot opened up in a morning class and things have been running smoothly ever since.

Payton's kindergarten room.

Ready for her first day!

Just a couple more pictures after we arrived at school. Almost ready to head inside.

Sitting at her desk decorating her name tag. After a few minutes it was, "see you later mom and dad."

Finally it was Ella's turn for her first day!

Ella finished up her last week of summer session at preschool during Payton's first week of kindergarten, then she had to wait a whole two weeks before her first official day of the school year. Although there was a little less fanfare since Ella has been at her preschool for a couple of years now, she was very excited to join Miss Rachel's class. We are looking forward to a great year for both girls.

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