Monday, August 8, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Honey!

Today is my husband's 34th birthday! We celebrated last night with some family and a bbq. The girls sat on Daddy's lap to sing happy birthday and help him blow out his candle. Auntie Joleane brought cupcake from Sift! Apparently their champagne cupcake won on the show, Cupcake Wars. They were delish and after the big dinner we were all pretty stuffed so we have leftovers. I may have eaten a bite of the red velvet (my fave) for breakfast.

We love you, Daddy, and we hope you have a wonderful birthday. You are loving, hardworking, fun, and we are happy that you're ours.

On a side note, Ella is wearing her Cinderella dress because she was getting married last night. To whom? A boy, of course. What is his name? The Prince! Gotta love little girls. The funny thing is, she has never even watched a Disney princess movie. I guess it's ingrained.

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  1. Hope he had a great birthday. Sounds like it was fun.