Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day Date at Home

My husband and I are not really into making a big deal about Valentine's Day. I can't really ever remember it being that important to me, although I really don't get that excited about birthdays or anniversaries either. We usually get each other a card and sometimes a small gift.

The last two years the girls have been pretty excited about it. This year we made some valentines for their grandparents and cousins, made heart shaped cupcakes, and they exchanged valentines with their classmates at preschool. They were very enthusiastic about showing me each valentine they received and telling me who it was from.

This year I wanted to make it a little bit special for my hubby because I think he sometimes gets a little disappointed in how little interest I have in celebrating these things. I didn't want to get a babysitter and try to go out on a busy night so I thought I would set up a date night at home.

I started dinner in the crock pot, beef stew, while the girls were still in school. At around 5:30, I took them to a McDonalds with a play area for dinner and to wear them out. Payton met a really nice little girl who was probably about 5 or 6 years old and had a great time playing with her. I love how wherever we go she seems to meet friends with ease. We stayed until about 6:45 and then went home and they went straight to bed easily.

The hubs got home a little after 8 pm, which is actually pretty early for him. (Have I mentioned his crazy work hours!) He was really surprised that the girls were already sound asleep in their beds and I had dinner for just the two of us and a bottle of champagne chilled. For dessert we had the Shari's Berries that were his gift to me. They are incredible chocolate covered strawberries. It was actually really nice to just have some quiet time at home.

Our Valentine's Day was such a success that I'm thinking we need to do this at least once a month. It really doesn't take any effort to get the kids to bed a little early and actually plan to spend some time together. So, new tradition in our house will be date night at home. Now I just need to work on getting us to go out every  once in awhile!

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