Monday, February 7, 2011

Dancing Dolls

The girls started a ballet and tap dance class at the beginning of January. I have to say that this is the cutest age for a dance class. The little girls can pretty much just stand there in their leotards and tights and be adorable whether they get any steps right or not.

Their teacher, Ms. Judy, is really impressed with this class. They are her youngest students and they are all amazingly focused and really try to do all the steps. They are working on two routines that they will perform at a recital in July. Every week she says that she would be pleased if they were doing this well by May.

At the end of each class the parents come into the room so the children can demonstrate their dances. They start each dance sitting with leg crossed with hands on their hips. Ms. Judy tells them that they have to pretend they are dancing dolls that don't come alive until the music starts. Payton is very competitive so she always wants to be the first to jump up. I keep reminding her that the goal is for the class to do the steps all together, but she has it in her head that she needs to be first.


  1. Awww! What cute photos! Looks like they love it!

  2. Thanks Daydreaming Fool. They do so far. I'm hoping they won't get tired of it between now and the recital in July.