Monday, February 21, 2011

Clean-Up on Aisle 5

We had a pretty busy day yesterday. Jason actually had a weekend day off since he had to work at least part of both of his normal days off. We headed over to Berkeley, had lunch, and went to Adventure Playground at the Berkeley Marina. It's a cool park built completely out of scrap wood and donated items.

Ella was a little whiny and seemed kind off all day, but nothing too serious. We had been promising the girls ice cream all day, so after having dinner at home we went back out for an ice cream run. The girls picked their flavors and we were sitting down at a table while Jason was placing our order. All of a sudden, Ella starts crying and saying her tummy hurts. I asked her if she had to go potty and picked her up to head for the bathroom.  I got about two step before she thew up over my shoulder all over the floor.

I was expecting to feel completely embarrassed over my child throwing up all over the ice cream shop, but surprisingly I wasn't. I was pretty sure everyone in the store was thinking we were crazy parents taking our sick child to get ice cream. Other than that, I was pretty much going, "oh well, nothing I can do about it." Jason asked for a mop to clean up, we got a lid for Ella's ice cream, and we tipped the kid working a couple dollars.

I am super happy that Ella was fine for he rest of the night and seems completely well this morning. I don't know what was going on with her, but I have to say that was pretty much the easiest stomach bug we've ever had. What I realize is that being a mother has given me almost complete immunity to embarrassment. I guess when you've been spit up on, pooped on, thrown up on, had many spilled beverages, and things knocked off shelves, you begin to be able to let these things go. Of course I would rather these things not happen in public, but it's not always possible or in my control. If it happens we do our best to fix it and move on!

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