Monday, January 24, 2011

My First Post!!!

On my first official day as a blogging mom I thought I would do some crafts with the kids, take some photos and write something. We do lots of arts and crafts around here, so it seemed like the perfect first post. I guess as a mom I should know that nothing ever goes as planned.

This morning I went for a run with the dogs while the girls were in preschool. My knee was a little sore during the run but nothing too bad. Like a true tough mama, needing to complete my workout, I kept going. When I got back home, I stood still for a minute talking on the phone.  I hung up and started to walk out to the car to pick up the kids and I nearly collapsed! My knee has been killing me ever since and I looked like a nut limping into the preschool. Needless to say, I've been on the couch with my leg up all afternoon.

Luckily the kids have been sufficiently entertained since our neighbor, Isabella, came over to play. They played happily upstairs for several hours and are now watching a movie. I'm a little scared to go upstairs and survey the crazy mess of toys that is most likely waiting for me. I really can't hobble up their right now so I'm not going to think about it until the Hubs gets home. Thankfully, Payton was able to bring me the laptop. Unfortunately, my first post is not too exciting.
By the way, the dog in the picture is out Boston Terrier, Mighty.

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